Since 2015, we are providing Air Conditioning Services and committed to providing professional solutions to our broad range of customers. We continually strive for excellence in the sales, design, installation, and servicing of air conditioning, refrigeration, and mechanical ventilation systems.
We have become the Number One  Preferred Air Conditioning Service Specialist by focusing on the following key areas:

Quality Customer Service

All our employees and service partners are responsible for ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We continue to deliver high-quality products and services, by finding the most cost-effective solution for each of our customers.

Business Excellence

Our staff members are encouraged to identify and recommend improvements for achieving or exceeding our Quality Systems objectives.


No matter how big or small the job, we always deliver quality and professional service. When it comes to our staff, we always maintain a deep respect for the contributions of each and every staff member.

We offer

    • Wide range of Cooling and Heating solutions
    • Chiller installation and maintenance
    • Mechanical Services and Electrical
    • Commissioning and maintaining chiller, AHU, RTU, and its component
    • In-house Thermal Imaging as part of maintenance
    • Indoor Air Quality check and improvements
    • CO testing in-house as part of maintenance
    • Asset auditing
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • Air system balancing
    • Refrigerant recovery (EPA-Certified)
    • On-going HVAC training

Scheduled Maintenance

We carry out scheduled maintenance and timely inspection of facilities on a regular basis and follow best maintenance practices to ensure optimum cost, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Ad Hoc Maintenance

We provide round-the-clock coverage making use of our expertise and latest technology to ensure total customer satisfaction.


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MOF Registered
Air Conditioner/ AHU / Chiller Installation & Maintenance
Air Conditioner/ AHU / Chiller Installation & Maintenance
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